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As of 2024, HIV/AIDS persists as a significant global health concern, continuously impacting a broad spectrum of populations and requiring ongoing, multifaceted interventions to mitigate its effects.

At NAMBI, we offer support to HIV-positive individuals, displaced persons, orphans, and marginalized communities.We implement innovative, self-sustaining solutions in regions most affected, with the objective of creating long-term impacts that enable communities to become independent of external aid.

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One Idea Acre Avocado Child

Turning avocados into sustainable opportunities

Join us in supporting a child’s education through our unique avocado farming project. Here’s how it works: We plant avocados on an acre of land, and as the trees grow and produce fruit, the sales from these avocados generate funds. These funds are then used to cover educational expenses for a child, supporting their journey all the way to university over the next 15 years.

Contributions of $125 per month for three years, are used to lease the land needed to plant avocado trees. This amount also supports preparing the land, planting the seedlings, and maintaining the farm. 

During this time, we engage children in learning about sustainable agriculture, integrating them into the farming process. This educational experience is part of their broader curriculum, funded by your contributions for the initial three years. 

As the trees grow and start bearing fruit, we harvest and sell the avocados. All the proceeds from these sales go directly back into the NGO and into funds designated for the children’s ongoing education.

In Uganda, avocado farming is a promising opportunity due to the nation’s ideal agricultural conditions, enabling year-round production. With the global avocado market projected to reach USD 26.04 billion by 2030, growing at a rate of 7.3% annually, Uganda stands to benefit significantly. The country’s climate and soil are perfect for avocados, which aligns well with its strong agricultural sector—a major component of its economy.

This project extends its reach beyond mere agricultural and educational advancements to directly assist marginalized groups, including HIV-positive, disadvantaged, and disabled children, as well as refugees, women, and girls. By focusing on these often underserved communities, the initiative addresses essential gaps in support and empowerment. Engaging these groups not only provides them with essential skills and education but also enhances their ability to contribute to and benefit from their communities.

Even though the contributing time is only three years, the impact extends well beyond this period. Updates will be provided every year about the child’s progress, ensuring that the influence of this kindness is continuously felt and recognized. Contributions do more than educate a single child; they help stabilize the entire region by providing long-term education and future job opportunities for those who need them the most.

We promote human well-being through transformative innovation strategies

We connect communities by integrating marginalized groups, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate and benefit. We break down social barriers and fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support.

We provide education for these individuals, ensuring that they have access to quality learning opportunities. This includes specialized programs for HIV-positive women and children.

Together with our partners, we provide medications and medical supplies for HIV-positive women and children. We specialize in mental health and safe birth, ensuring comprehensive care and support for those in need.

We ensure that our community members, have access to food and shelter, meeting their essential needs. This support provides them with a secure and stable environment, allowing them to focus on their education and personal growth.




Fund an acre today and join our mission to make a difference.

Providing access to education, healthcare, and work opportunities for marginalized groups is the most effective tool for regional stabilization. Equipping these vulnerable populations with essential resources and skills ensures a more secure and prosperous Greater Horn of Africa.

New Sustainability

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GOAL : 1340 $

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An avocado a day sends a smile your way!

Mr. Hani Dahlan

Mr. Hani is bringing smiles and opportunities, funding the education of three wonderful kids!!

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Download our brochure to discover more about our initiatives and the positive impact we make

Our brochure provides an in-depth look at our projects, detailing the specific ways we support marginalized groups. It also highlights the long-term benefits of our work, shares success stories from the communities we assist, and outlines how our innovative programs are making a difference.

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Well, we could share those typical sad pictures, but the truth is, our kids are happy kids.